Over The Edge!

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david-kim-largeThe wind whipped as Pastor David Crosby and Kim Carver hung onto the roof of a high-rise building with only their toes. On Friday, May 9, after helping Crossroads NOLA raise over $17,000 on Give NOLA Day, both men went “over the edge,” rappelling down a 20 story building in Baton Rouge to raise awareness of the children in foster care who need adoptive families.

In Louisiana there are over 250 children waiting for families. If not adopted, these children will “age out” of the child welfare system on their 18th birthday – leaving them without ongoing support and without a permanent family connection.  This is the tragic circumstance David and Kim hope to prevent by participating in the Give NOLA Day and Over The Edge events. Crossroads NOLA works hard to connect children in foster care to the families, individuals, and opportunities they need to thrive. We are grateful for our generous donors who made the events such a great success! Thank you for joining the life-changing work of connecting kids to families!

  • To learn more about becoming a foster/adoptive parent, click HERE.
  • To donate to Crossroads NOLA, click HERE. All gifts are tax deductible.
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