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Families Supported Through Respite Events

respite-tunnelsThe kids went home exhausted and the parents went home refreshed – and, that’s the goal of our Foster Parents’ Morning Out. Kids ran, jumped, climbed, chased, crawled, scooted, laughed, and used up every ounce of energy on the “Tubes and Tunnels” play structure at Celebration Church – a church partner located in Metairie.

Foster parenting is a 24/7 job that’s full of unique challenges. Respite Events are a piece of the support structure local churches and Crossroads NOLA offer to foster families in our network. By supporting foster families, we’re caring for vulnerable children. It’s kind of a Moses, Aaron, and Hur scenario (Exodus 17:12). Many thanks to volunteers and Celebration Church for helping us hold up the arms of foster families for a few hours.

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