Family Partners Make an Impact

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Johnsons-webWhen Crossroads NOLA initially connected with Travis and Estefania Johnson through our partnership with Canal Street Church, they were caring for a sibling set of three young children in foster care. About six months ago, Estefania gave birth to Uriah, giving the young couple four children under the age of six! Needless to say, their hands were full. Because the Johnsons were certified before we officially launched our foster care initiative, they did not have Family Partners, a support component Crossroads NOLA requires of all foster families. As with other certified foster families, we encouraged the Johnsons to think about what types of support would benefit them and help their family to thrive.

After consulting with the Johnsons, we reached out to members of their faith family at Canal Street Church. Many in the congregation had indicated they were interested in supporting a foster family – it was just a matter of making the connection and training them to serve as Family Partners. The Johnsons’ Family Partners have served them in a variety of ways – including setting a schedule to help with babysitting and joining Estefania and the kiddos on a recent trip to the Children’s Museum. Family Partners help ensure that foster families are not just able to survive, but to thrive. The support they offer is invaluable – we’re grateful for foster parents like the Johnsons and the Family Partners who serve them.

 “I think it’s just a matter of being proactive and intentional, looking for ways to offer help, even if they don’t ask, but also balancing that with respecting their capability and independence.” Izabela, Family Partner

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