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streat-carA food truck that sold great food and benefited children in foster care was the dream of one foster/adoptive dad in New Orleans, Kim Carver. Unfortunately, at the time, the only thing he knew about food trucks was that he liked to eat at them. But in the fall of 2013, the pieces started coming together as Kim connected with Chris Audler and Aaron Vogel – creators of District Donuts.Sliders.Brew.

For the guys at District, establishing a business that not only made profit, but changed lives was as much a part of their restaurant concept as their ridiculously delicious and creative donuts, sliders, and coffee. “When we started dreaming together about becoming business owners and entrepreneurs,” recalls Vogel, “one of the baseline items for us was to find a way to utilize business to connect in changing peoples’ lives on a daily basis.” So when Kim approached them with the concept and a streetcar-esque vehicle donated by Gulf Coast Bank, they wanted in.

In addition to serving great food, the Streetcar serves another strategic purpose – to help connect New Orleans children and teens in foster care with families. One hundred percent of the profits from the Streetcar go to support the work of Crossroads NOLA. Together, we have started the initiative: #WeDontServeKids – an initiative highlighting the 4500 Louisiana children in foster care that are often overlooked and underserved. The ultimate goal is that loving, caring, and intentional families will open their homes and lives to children in foster care.

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