3 Day Bag

Why 3 Day Bags?

There are approximately 4800 children in foster care in Louisiana on any given day.

As children are removed from dangerous or negligent situations, they often leave home with only the clothes on their backs. This traumatic situation is sometimes made more difficult when they arrive at a foster home, with no toothbrush, underwear, or pajamas.

One simple way you can partner with us to care for vulnerable children in our city is to provide “3 Day Bags.”  These bags are given to social workers at the Department of Children and Family Services to provide for the immediate needs of children being placed in foster care. Each bag contains age/gender-appropriate necessities for the first three days of a placement.

Right now, South Louisiana is in need of more 3 Day Bags, and we want to meet this need by working with our partners to supply bags by the beginning of July. 

How can you help?

Partner with us by participating in our Summer 3 Day Bag Project!

  1. Set a goal for how many bags you would like to challenge your church to fill. Crossroads NOLA will provide the actual bags with gender/age tags attached , along with a list of items that should be included. When determining your goal, take into consideration that each bag should include new clothing and toiletry items, and will cost $50-$75 to assemble, depending on the age of the child.
  2. Sign up online here by Wednesday, May 24th. Empty bags will be available for pick up Tuesday May 30th.
  3. Promote the project within your church and distribute the empty bags during the month of June. Crossroads NOLA can provide bulletin inserts, backgrounds for announcement slides, and other promotional items to help make this project a success.
  4. Collect, check, and log all completed bags, and arrange a drop off to Crossroads NOLA during the week of June 26th-30th.