connect with foster families in NOLA that have the same heart for kids that you do! Get helpful ideas that specifically connect to your role as a foster parent.

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Dr. Kristyn Carver — Trust Based Relational Intervention
{Good for 1.5 hours of training credit}

If you’ve attended one of our Connect events before, you know they provide a great opportunity to receive relevant training and connect with other foster families. Join us as Dr. Kristyn Carver presents engaging and fun sessions based on TBRI, where you’ll learn from her personal and professional experience and glean insights and strategies from other foster parents. 

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Dinner and childcare will be provided.

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TOPIC: Bad Behavior or Sensory Processing Issues? You May be Surprised!

Children from hard places often face sensory processing challenges. During this training session, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in a firsthand experience of what everyday life is like for children who have sensory processing issues, and you’ll also learn techniques and strategies you can use to help them thrive. This training is good for 1.5 hours of continuing education for foster parents.

This session is good for 1.5 hours continuing ed for foster parents.