foster-family-networkIf you are already a certified foster family through DCFS, you can access our support services by joining our Foster Family Network.

We are so glad you’re interested in joining the Crossroads NOLA Foster Family Network! This network is designed to connect you with like-minded foster families from local churches, and provide support and on-going training. 

We believe the work you are doing as you care for kids is so, so important, and we want to support you, so we offer a variety of support services to foster families in our network.

Foster/Adoptive families within our network have access to: 

  • Respite Events – Once a quarter, we partner with a local church to provide a morning or evening out for foster/adoptive parents. We have fun activities for kids, while foster parents can go on a date, go to the grocery store sans kids, or sit at home and enjoy the silence! 
  • Connect Events – Every month, on either the South Shore or North Shore, we offer training that allows you to connect with other foster families and with information that will help you better parent children with trauma in their past. We believe foster parents should not only be passionate about what they do – but they should be competent as well. During Connect Events, foster parents are trained on Trust-Based Relational Intervention – practical parenting strategies for handling difficult behaviors. Connect Events are approved by DCFS for foster parent continuing education credits.
  • Resource Center – Our Resource Center accepts donations of clothes, baby items, and toys for distribution to foster families. Network Families have access to the Resource Center to help meet the needs of children in their care.
  • Support Group/Group Study – We host support groups for foster families on an as-needed basis.
  • Meal Train – There are people within our local churches who want to serve foster families! We mobilize these individuals by activating a meal train for families when they receive new placements, have one parent out of town, or are working through a transition or difficult period with a child. 
  • Counseling Services – We have a partnership with the Leeke Magee Counseling Center that allows our network families to access their services at a deeply discounted rate.

When you join our network and become a “Crossroads NOLA Network Family,” you agree to two key elements:

  1. Reading The Connected Child and completing discussion questions
    One of the key benefits we provide to families in our network are our various trainings. These trainings (specifically our Connect Events) are focused on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). We’ve settled on this for a couple of reasons—mainly that it’s backed by scientific research and that we’ve seen it work for a number of our families. We firmly believe that TBRI is the best method available for bringing hope and healing to children who have experienced trauma.Over the past few years, we’ve realized that for our Connect Event trainings to be most effective, participants need to have read The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross. This book provides a foundational understanding of trauma, its effects on the brain, and strategies and skills for parenting a child who has experienced trauma.As your family serves children in foster care, we want you to thrive – not just survive. We believe that reading The Connected Child will help you and yours do just that. These precious little ones in your home are among the most vulnerable in our society. Every day you invest so much into loving, protecting, and nurturing them. Having a greater understanding of trauma and its effects will yield exponentially greater results of your already deep investment.To start the application process, you do not need to have already read The Connected Child, but you will need to begin reading and answering the discussion questions. If you are married, each spouse should read the book and we recommend working through the questions together. (Don’t worry – your answers won’t be graded – we just want to see that you’ve thought through some important aspects of being a foster/adoptive parent)
  2. Providing quarterly placement data
    By providing us with quarterly placement data, you’ll help us report our work to grant-making organizations and DCFS. This allows us to continue to expand what we’re currently doing, serving more families and children across south Louisiana. Once you’ve joined the network, we’ll send you quarterly reminders to submit your placement data, via our simple online form.

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If you are not a currently Certified Foster Family, or have not been certified in the past, please contact us before completing this application: Send us an email